"LET’S ROLL" Logo Bidon
"LET’S ROLL" Logo Bidon
"LET’S ROLL" Logo Bidon
"LET’S ROLL" Logo Bidon
"LET’S ROLL" Logo Bidon
"LET’S ROLL" Logo Bidon

"LET’S ROLL" Logo Bidon

Wolfpack NMDK “Let’s Roll” logo design. 100% for the Joyride!

Premium performance bidon featuring an innovative membrane cap developed for absolutely no spills and easy hydration on the move.

Our premium cap has a lockable valve that can be twisted open or closed in one quick and easy motion.


WATTS Inside


- Premium lockable membrane cap perfectly prevents fluid from leaking

- Easy twist motion to lock it completely

- Soft squeeze construction with large spout to hydrate efficiently

- Ergonomic design for extra grip

- Food approved, BPA and phthalate free

- Durable & Easy to clean.


Bidon is made from 100% biodegradable material making it 100% recyclable AND biodegradable.

Volume 500ml  


Designed in Ireland - Made in The Netherlands


Size and fit

Volume - 500ml


Weight - 89grms

Care Instructions


Our Bidons are Dishwasher safe. We recommend it only on a very low temp wash cycle.


- Open the cap fully to let clean water rinse through the mouth piece.

- Hand wash, do not use any abrasive brush or scouring pad.

- To prolong the life of your bidon, simply wash with warm soapy water and rinse after every ride.


NMDK TOP TIP - Store your Bidon with the cap off or loose - Helps keep that optimum freshness.

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